E-Learning solutions

At Adecco Training, we offer e-learning solutions that are completely tailored to your needs. These range
from training small groups through our standard courses, to developing customised solutions, creating
enterprise portals and, of course, offering e-learning consultancy services.
Our e-learning model is based on: 

Offerings of high-quality courses
• Customised solutions, tailored to our clients' needs
• Easy and intuitive browsing
• Specialised and customised tutoring
• A platform with a wide variety of collaborative tools
• Continuous monitoring and feedback provided to both clients and learners

Through the portal http://elearning.adecco.es you can access a catalogue divided into 9 Training Areas: 
- Public Administration
- Quality
- Training
- Economic/financial and Legal Management
- Skill Development
- Languages
- Environment
- Graphic Design
- Programming
- Office Suites
Courses are available in English, Spanish, Catalan and Basque.
We have more than 130 demos available, as well as Data Sheets with the objectives and content
of all our courses.