Our team

The Adecco Training team consists of more than 60 professionals working in the day-to-day operations to build the right solutions and deliver the best service to our customers.

A specialised team
Training Consultants
They work on the development of content and methods that are tailor-made to meet our clients' identified needs.

Training specialists
They ensure all submitted proposals meet the required standards of quality and the clients' expectations.

Management specialists
The purpose of their work is to ensure all the logistics and administrative management are covered down to the    smallest detail.

Adecco office network
The teams at every Adecco office enable us to provide a customised, customer-focused service for each client.

We have more than 300 approved coaches who adhere to Adecco Training procedures. With our approval and validation process, our coaches are required to meet our training, professional and methodological requirements.

We also have a support team who facilitates and ensures our company's threefold specialisation in specific sectors, methods and by areas of expertise. 

Industry-specific Development Managers
Skilled team of professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of their relevant sector – Banking, Pharma, Chemicals, Distribution and Logistics, Telecom, Energy, Social Agents... This way we ensure the solution provided is fully aligned with the company's needs.

E-learning area
Focused on the development of online tools-based programmes that go beyond the traditional e-learning avenues, developing activities in m-learning, r-learning and b-learning.

Technical support department 
They ensure overall quality, andragogical guidance, learning methods and the coaches' profiles.