Adecco Training, the best choice

Adecco Training is the company within Adecco Group which focuses on integrating training and development solutions into the company strategy, trying to make an impact on people's behaviours. 


 Our attributes

  Methodological innovation

We provide breakthrough solutions for the development of our customers' human resources
  Industry-specific specialisation

We provide training and innovative solutions thanks to our industrial understanding of each business line comprising the Adecco Group.
  Specialisation by areas of expertise
We provide a wide training experience in the areas of expertise outlined herein

We adapt ourselves to the specifities of the training cycles by providing solutions based on the geographic and temporary spread of the communities to be trained.
  Geographic coverage

Our regional footprint for training enables us to offer nation-wide coverage to your training projects, with assurance for pedagogic consistency.
  Focus on results

Our solutions aim at achieving the strategic results required by our client.