Working to help others work

At Adecco, we believe in people. We think learning, training and career development are the
key to finding
a successful position.

Ÿ We believe there's nothing like an applicant's face when he/she gets a job.
Ÿ       We believe in trust and service.  More than 100,000 customers around the world agree with us.
Ÿ       We believe in our work - a conviction we try to convey in each process.

That's perhaps why when people achieve their goal, they also achieve ours.

Ÿ      We believe listening is the key to understanding and meeting your company's needs.
Ÿ      We believe it is crucial to pursue efficiency and simplicity in all our processes.
Ÿ      We believe it's only our dedication to service that enables us to offer the required guidance to
get end-to-end solutions.

That's the only way we can be your partner in Human Resources.