Leader in Human Resources Management


Adecco Training belongs to Adecco Group, a world leader in Human Resources management, providing a comprehensive service that focuses on all areas in HR - recruitment, temporary employment, outsourcing, training, careers management, consulting and outplacement.

Adecco Group's operations extend to more than 60 countries, with around 5,500 offices putting 700,000 workers into contact with over 100,000 companies every day. This global footprint gives Adecco an in-depth understanding of the various sectors and markets. 

In Spain, Adecco has over 300 offices that enable the Company to provide work on a daily basis to more than 30,000 job seekers, serving around 14,600 companies from every sector of the market.

Adecco is the world´s largest employment group that develops and implements specialist and intensive services in leadership and management of temporary and fixed employees, with the chief aim of enhancing clients' productivity. To that end, the company focuses on delivering effective and competitive solutions.

The company endeavours to pursue two major objectives: to achieve a better management for our corporate clients by providing a greater flexibility and competitiveness, and to help qualified workers improve their careers by assisting them in their recruitment, screening and training, helping them find their place on the job market.